Songs To Listen To While Stoned

Marijuana and music go hand in hand, listening to music while stoned can take the experience to a whole new level where you will get lost in the rhythms and piercing sounds of the music.

Cannabis is a mild form of a psychedelic drug, which undoubtedly enhances all our senses, making every sound seem totally different. It is an extraordinary experience that only we stoners have been able to experience.

With this in mind, we have made for you a compilation of music that will not only make your hair stand on end but will make you laugh and enjoy that sacred moment. Some of them are rock, others even talk about marijuana and many others simply have a unique rhythm that will take you as high as possible, simply all of them are especially good to listen to while you are stoned.

Top 5 Song To Listen To While Stoned

Here we leave you the TOP 5 songs that blow the plugs while we are high. We have selected only those songs that really create the ideal atmosphere to enjoy some good pulls. Now all you have to do is open your Spotify, select the songs, and press play while you enjoy your next smoking session!


This song is a masterpiece that will make you take your feet off the ground! His guitar solos are undoubtedly the best to enjoy when you are stoned, I mean, all his albums are excellent and there was no incredible smoke session without one of his songs in the background!


This and “light my fire” are great songs to listen to while getting high. it’s psychedelic rock, but much softer than Hendrix on guitar, for example. the electric piano blends perfectly with the sound of the rain, and Jim Morrison’s voice is recorded twice for an echo effect, which helps create that melancholy mood. in the intro, we talked about subtle differences. do you hear Jim Morrison whispering the lyrics? listen carefully.


We could easily say that this is an R&B anthem that not only broke records on the US charts, but it’s also the success was worldwide and we should definitely include it in our smoking sessions. This music will take us on a ride to Venice Beach with a convertible and a back seat full of pretty girls smoking weed.


We all know that Bob Marley conquered the world with his messages of peace and his great musical, as well as we know that this character had a very close relationship with our file friend marijuana. Let’s pay tribute to his music and his messages of peace while listening to his great existence accompanied by a good joint of OG kush.


If you’ve never listened to Pink Floyd music while stoned, let me tell you that you shouldn’t consider yourself a good smoker! Of course, I’m kidding, but it’s true that it’s pretty bad.

Generations of marijuana users love the dark side of the moon, and you should start doing it now. musical taste is subjective, but if you smoke marijuana, you can’t ignore Pink Floyd. when you have time, listen to the entire album of the dark side of the moon. Pink Floyd is a band for stoners of all ages!

With this, you have a couple of “new” and awesome songs to add to your stoner playlist, of course, there are hundreds and hundreds of good music to get high to, but we can’t compile it all in one article. Maybe in the future, we will do another article talking to the stoners of WeedStripes to get their opinions and give you more and better songs to enjoy along with your joint so be sure to stay tuned!

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