Dave Grohl: “There was a dysfunction in Nirvana that Foo Fighters don’t have”

Dave Grohl, compares the relationship he had with Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic with the one he has today with the elements of Foo Fighters.

The differences stand out. “We were young and the world was very strange”.

Dave Grohl assumed that there was an “emotional dysfunction” in Nirvana that does not exist in Foo Fighters. In an interview with The Big Issue newspaper, the American musician reveals that he did not have such a close relationship with Kurt Cobain as he has today with drummer Taylor Hawkins.

“In musical terms, it was a perfect marriage, but in personal terms not so much, to be honest,” says Grohl, “of course we liked each other very much. We were friends. But there was a dysfunction in Nirvana that in a band like Foo Fighters does not exist.

And continues: “if I was as close to Kurt as I am to Taylor Hawkins? No. I came to live with Krist and his wife when I joined Nirvana. I think it lasted a month until they sent me away, but we always had a relationship based on love, which grew even more after Kurt died.

“When I see Krist now, I hug him like family, but at that time we were young and the world was very strange,” he says, “but that emotional dysfunction of Nirvana relieved when we grabbed the instruments. If the music hadn’t worked, we wouldn’t have been together”.

In conclusion, Grohl says he believes that “there are some people with whom you can only communicate through music. And sometimes this communication is even deeper”.

Remember that Foo Fighters returned recently to the records, with “Medicine at Midnight”.

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