Marilyn Manson’s former personal assistant says the artist is guilty

“We who keep quiet do so because we have to earn a living. But now that I see so many people defending him and calling the people who accuse him, liars, I get tired. Believe what they say, I saw it,” wrote Marilyn Manson’s former collaborator in a long testimony

It is one of the news that is marking the beginning of the year: the statements of actress Evan Rachel Wood, who accuses her former boyfriend, musician Marilyn Manson, of sexual abuse.

Following that allegation, other women shared similar accounts and the publisher Loma Vista announced that they would stop working with the American artist.

For her part, Marilyn Manson referred to the allegations as “distortions of reality.

Meanwhile, Evan Rachel Wood recovered a long testimony from Dan Cleary, who worked as the manager of Marilyn Manson’s touring band between 2007 and 2008, when the actress was already dating the musician.

Cleary wrote this message in September last year, explaining that while working with Marilyn Manson’s band, Evan Rachel Wood was always on tour with her boyfriend.

“Over the course of a year, he turned her into a different person. He destroyed her. It wasn’t until later that I realized for sure what had happened,” shared Dan Cleary.

“Later I worked as Marilyn Manson’s personal assistant in 2014/2015. I saw him being aggressive, repeatedly, with his girlfriend Lindsay. During those almost two years I saw her many times in tears, with him shouting and demeaning her”.

“He threatened to kill her, cut her up, bury her, embarrass her publicly. He felt good to make her cry and be afraid of him. He reminded her that without him she would have no home and made fun of a relative who had learning difficulties”.

Marilyn Manson’s former collaborator also points out that “everyone in the musician’s close circle” knows these situations. “But everyone (including me) is afraid to say anything because of the ‘code’. Telling what goes on in other people’s personal lives is frowned upon”.

“We who keep quiet do it because we have to make a living. But that’s enough. His fans will get angry and they won’t believe it. I understand that, but it’s true.”

Dan Cleary adds that he also kept quiet until now because when he was touring with Marilyn Manson in 2007, the musician’s team paid him for the trip to visit his family when his stepmother died suddenly, paying him his salary as if he had worked during that week. “I’ll never forget that, it meant a lot to me.”

“But now that I see so many people defending him and calling the people who accuse him liars, I got tired. Believe what they say, I saw it. I have nothing to gain from this and I have a lot to lose. I’m still close to some people in the band and his team and I apologize to them. But they also know that I’m right”.

“[Manson] is an incredible musician and a very intelligent and funny man. But he’s also a drug addict who abuses others mentally and physically while showing he’s capable of being very kind and loving. It’s hard to understand,” adds the former personal assistant of the American, making it clear that he does not advocate that Manson be “canceled,” but that the public believe in the women who accuse him.

“My only goal is not to call these women liars. They are not lying. Manson provided my livelihood for a long time and I thank him for the opportunities he gave me. It was thanks to him that I saw the world for the first time. This isn’t easy, but I had to do it.”

Yesterday, Dan Cleary wrote on Twitter: “It’s going to be a long day for someone. I told you to believe it. Believe in women. The more [you report him], the stronger [you’ll have the accusation]. Unfortunately, there are many.”

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